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Individualized instruction is ideal for any student; it is crucial for twice-exceptional students.

Meeting the Needs of Twice-exceptional Students

Accelerated Academics

Twice-exceptional students learn asynchronously. While receiving remediation in one subject, they often perform above grade level in another. Our classroom environment provides the flexibility needed for students to work at their own pace. No longer is one student limited by the progress of the majority.


Academic enrichment allows students to explore topics in greater depth or with expanded breath. A common strategy when teaching gifted students, it is critical for twice-exceptional students. Allowing a twice-exceptional student to apply new knowledge to the next level provides academic wins that can offset frustrations developed from their disability.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Twice-exceptional students thrive is small classes where they receive the individual instruction, accommodation and remediation necessary to ensure academic, social and emotional success. Our classrooms are never higher than an 4 to 1 student/teacher ratio providing each student with the attention they require.


To live up to their potential, twice-exceptional students need individual instruction in the area of their disability. Our humanities classroom is staffed with a reading and writing specialist and our math teachers work one-on-one with students to build the basic skills and confidence they need to reach the level of achievement realized by their peers.

Calm Environment

Many twice-exceptional students experience severe anxiety. Whether it is a primary diagnosis or the result of another learning disability, anxiety can be a difficult roadblock to remove if not dealt with appropriately. Our staff is trained how to support students when anxiety levels increase, and our classrooms are designed to facilitate calm, joyful learning.

Emotional Support

Gifted students, in general, can have surprisingly heightened emotional sensitivity. Twice-exceptional students also have the added emotional turmoil from their learning disability and way too often, previous school failures. We work diligently to ensure an emotionally safe environment for each student and to help students develop appropriate emotional coping skills.

"Many of our greatest historical contributors in this world are individuals who would now be labeled "Learning Disabled" in the public school system. In many cases, their gifts would have never been spotted and would have been crushed right out of them. Can you imagine?"

Therese Clifford, vice president of SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)

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