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The Midwest's only school solely dedicated to meeting the specific needs of twice-exceptional students.

Twice-exceptional Students Are Smart Children Who Learn Differently

In 1977, physiologists first discovered that children could possess an exceptionally high IQ and have a clinically diagnosed disability that affects their ability to learn. Students who are gifted with a learning disability are called twice-exceptional because both their gifts AND their disabilities contribute to their exceptional potential.

Despite their discovery 38 years ago, twice-exceptional students still are under-served. The vast majority of schools — public or private — still do not have special education services for these children, nor do they have any framework for identifying them in their classrooms.

In a traditional classroom, twice-exceptional students typically demonstrate uneven or inconstant academic performance because of their disabilities and often have social/emotional challenges that also interfere with their learning. Yet, most of these students excel at high-level abstract thinking and creative problem solving.

Simply stated, they are bright children who learn differently and they deserve an education that allows them to reach their full potential. Twice-exceptional students are some of our nation's most promising and most innovative thinkers — supporting them is an investment in the future.

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Located in a western suburb of the Minneapolis, Arete Academy of Exceptional Education is the only school solely dedicated to educating and supporting twice-exceptional students in the Midwest.

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